About us

Ghesofadep.info are gradually rebranding because we take the priority in the field of investment and exploit design and quality, reducing the cost to lower product costs.

Beautiful designs, exquisite, impressive: The product's high-quality sofas we designed based on customer requirements for style, size, material and color. With a team of professional designers and experienced we will study space living room and all the requirements of customers from which to plan the design consultant most suitable seat. Simply contact us, make sure you have a sofa set lifestyle. Our concept is not just to sit sofas but also a beauty products for living room space, a nice sofa, harmony is "THE SOUL OF THE LIVING ROOM".

Ghesofadep.info specialized wholesale & retail manufacturing sofa leather - coated felt kind. A variety of beautiful colors very latest. When to ghesofadep.info you can order according calaloge, the room design, manufacture seat bar - karaoke - coffee - office ... we can meet all customer requirements in terms of size, designs, materials and colors for your sofa. Especially in materials and colors, we have many kinds of high-grade leather and fabric with a pattern, weave structure and very diverse colors. So when owning our sofas customers will be completely satisfied because they really suit the interior design space, as well as personal preferences of customers.

With many years' experience of the company and the enthusiasm in the work of the staff, we always want to bring joy and the willingness to customers.